The company's young spirit, founded in March of 1994, the experience of the technicians, acquired in almost 20 years of work, and the continuous and constant technical updates, allow Multidata Srl to remain at the forefront in the fields of hardware design both in the software development.

MultiData Srl is located in Via Palletti n.8 - 41051 CASTELNUOVO Rangone (MO) - Italy. For any details on how to reach us please click here.

MultiData operates from a single location at Castelnuovo Rangone, Modena (Italy) with a staff of 14 technicians. The organisation allows everything involved in the development and realisation of a project to be carried out in-house (internal hardware/software development and final testing).

Multidata consists of a team of professionals who daily supports its customers in research and development of winning solutions. Solutions that allow you to increase the quality and production capacity, improving operations at the factory, leading to increased competitiveness by providing True Technological Innovation.